Sunday, March 21, 2010


Venue : Cerok2 Hutan UiTM "SEGAR AMAT" & DST
Date : 20 March 2010
Participant : Part 4 & Fast Track Students

1) Cerok Hutan UiTM SEGAR AMAT.
Jungle Tracking with my own "beloved group"

While i was tracking pe2 jerp in this WILD..yeah...i meet others group which there are also my classmate..absolutely i meet my bella tralaalalal..

Then..after is my scandalicious...miss fiera @ yayunk fiera @ laling fiera... <3 <3

Last but not least is my group mate..miss mary grace..she is sooo talkative person..

2) next venue is DST, Dewan Sri Temenggong
This is happen when we all are sooo tiredlicious..

LIFE (^_^)
FAMILY = i can't live without love towards them are become stronger than ever you expected..
FRIENDS = yeah..what can i say..after family..friends are in second place..means that..the bittersweet when with all of them make me realize that..i must appreciate them...

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