Monday, March 22, 2010


Venue : DST UiTM Segamat
Date : 21 March 2010
Organized by : dTrans ( Buddies Of Transport )

There was a
concert in UiTM Segamat and i with bella are going there as we want to release our stress..hell yeah..Segamat babe..what are you expect to have in here.. what..!!! BILLION..huh. =P..and for more information..tomorrow we have a quiz and that was organized by Puan Che....OPM lak tu..huh..CEK NAK JAWAB APA NI HAH..!!! Mampuih noooorr...

Argh..lets continue with the concert first
(mood = xcited nak story mory) is actually like battle of the band..and in this concert there are 5 band that competing each others to win this competition. And this band are totally 100% came from UiTM they perform their songs..i with bella skali jln..we CUCI2 OUR MATA..hahahah..superb babe..not bad la dorunk nyer performance..but..we still waiting for special appearance babe..... want to know who is the special appearance..?? Just watch the video that i upload for you all.. (^_^)

At the moment we arrive DST..wah2..without wasting this precious time..we snap pict as many as we usual..not all the pict are perfecto te amor kan kan we just snap..n snap n snap..until we satisfied with it is..

We also got COP..nah..see this..

What..!!!!!!!!!! The !!!!!!!!! F**K...!!!!!!!... punyelah aq tunggu lama kan....for upload this video for you all....but then...this note yg show up.. "there was an error occur while downloading this video...." hah..(>_<)pergh...Menyirap Bandung and Jakarta darah aq nie ha...huh..sorry people..i can't fulfill my promise...but wait okies..i still have pict tu show the special it is..

LIFE (^_^)
FAMILY come first rather than others things except the duty as Muslim ..
FRIENDS was the one that be with us if we are far far far away from family..hmmm..that is supposedly happen..


abah haqq / mak haqq said...

patot la tanak balik...!!!huh...muahahahaha

haziqah bt md mohpty said...

mana ade...kebotolan la dollllll.....samdoll.
sat kan der modul...den sunday night..da lak concert..ko igt pe jerp aq leh wat kt segamat nie ha.....