Wednesday, April 7, 2010


there is a story that i think it is quite funny,,,hehehe..
like this,,,my sis,angah worked at SHELL as clerk and sometime she also do a job like a casher..then, jeng2...

POKCIK : dik..bagi pokcik rokok winston sekotak dik..
ANGAH : pokcik nak mana yg pakai pampers or baby yg x jadi..??

huish..thish ish crazhy man..she is playing fool to that uncle..haahahah..
for those that smoking..they know what i'm talking about..heheheheh :P

(^_^) LIFE
hmm...still did not get any respond from others..hmm..okies..
FAMILY & FRIENDS = they are part of my life..i rather die first then i loosing them..especially my parents..

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