Saturday, April 10, 2010

Class Trip ( Cheras - Seremban )

Destination = Cheras ( PP Product ) & Seremban ( Yakult )
Date = 8/4/2010

Wah...meh sini meh..meh sini meh..
yups..I have joined my class trip and i realize it was so damn fun! i do enjoy my trip today.
It seem like I wanna go for the second trip if there's any..huhuh
this trip was organised by our OPM ( Operation Management ) class rap since we stdying about process and assmbly line in this subject!

dey...yen nadey..
kite ikut turutan jln crite erk.heheh..

around 6.30 we flew away to Cheras where are our first destination, PP Product..The factory producing a plastic product such as file holder and so one, yeap! the one that we usually use to keep our notes..

ini kan..mase kan..tunggu kan..bus kan..camtu lah kan...kire nak gerak la kan...
( around 6.30am )

these three photo are was taken when we're stopped by at R&R highway Seremban..
( 8.45am)

then, here we are.. Kilang PP Product..

around 12.00pm..then we move away to our 2nd destination..
( Yakult )
sorry people..i don't have plenty of pict since we are not allowed to took pict inside the production center..

and..around 3pm....the trip is over our OPM lecturer, Pn Che, she was so damn freaking nice and loving ..she brought us to Jusco Seremben to take a break for a few hours..break kee...??hehehe... we be there from 3.45pm until know, Bella, Barchuk n Dann sempat lagi main BOWWWLINGG,,,,yalleey....heheheh...yeah2...i'm the worst in playing bowling..huh..

As the time flies so fast. the clock strike at 5.30 pm..aiyak...UDAH MAU PULANG ke campus la..huhuh..hmm..actually, i'm really tired right now..hehe..soo..this is the end..da...!!! (T_T)

(^_^) LIFE
exam da nak terbaek tuk adek erk..amin...

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