Friday, April 23, 2010

I'm Still Not Good Enough

yes..I tidor petang..and it is not good because at that time..setan2 tgh melepak-ingg. and if you got a dream, itu semua hanya mainan setan..
then, but this time..I never expect it would be like "this". Something was happen and make me to do some research on it. And I found something that almost all of notes are already happened in this world..
This note hanya untuk mengingati I and depends on you all readers. I'm not perfect enough to give you an advise, but I can share something with you all what I felt right now..

These is what I got when I do some research on "it"

The SIGNS related to the end of times according to Islamic sources:

1) Wild animals will be gathered into captivity and kept in collections in pens and cages.
2) Murder will be considered a minor act.
3) Men will get payment for their reproductive organs (artificial fertilization).
4) Reducing weights and measures of goods will be a means of increasing profits.
5) The person earning a proper and lawful livelihood will be scorned and the person earning his living from unfair means will be admired.
6) The main purpose in life will be earning and enjoying.
7) Aphrodisiacs will be used to strengthen the body for sodomy.
8) Usury will gain solid ground.
9) Adultery will be commonplace.
10) The murder victim will not know why he is murdered and the killer will not know why he killed.
11) Mansions like palaces will be constructed.
12) Bribery will become like a custom.
13) There will be no regard for the ties of relationship.
14)Murder will increase.
15) Fools will be made rulers.
16) Forbearance will be called cowardice and weakness.
17) Ministers of government will be liars.
18) The practice of divorce will increase.
19) A liar will be considered an acceptable witness.
20) Homosexuality will be openly practiced.
21) Good people will keep silent fearing others' foul speech.
22) Goodness and evil will be viewed from the same perspective.
23) Young boys will be used like women on payment.
24) Unworthy persons will meddle in affairs of state.
25) Men will keep their hair in a ladylike manner.
26) The governors will consider the wealth of the people as their own and they will attack the morality of women.
27) Governments will stockpile grains to maintain prices.
28) Government will be entrusted to those unworthy of it.

29) The earth will vomit oblong pieces of its liver like columns of gold and silver. The murderer will come and say "I killed for this," and the deserter will come and say "I deserted my family for this," and the thief will come and say "My hand has been cut off for this."

30) The Euphrates will disclose a mountain of gold over which people will fight. Ninety-nine out of each hundred will be killed and every one of them will say "Maybe I will be the one who will escape."
31) The Last Hour shall not occur until wealth will increase among you and become enormous, until a man takes out the charity due from his wealth but will find none to accept it, until the land of the Arabs becomes meadows and rivers.

32) The Last Hour shall not occur until wealth will increase among you and become enormous, and the owner of wealth will search for one entitled to the charity due on it; and he will present it and the person to whom it will be presented will say "I have no need of it;" and barefooted shepherds will compete with each other in the building of tall buildings.

33) The slave girl will give birth to her owner .

yeah...after I read it. I know I'm not good enough to be as a Muslim. Yes, my title is a Muslim. But, what had I done? I neglect my duty as was sooo truly deeply badly baddddd...!!!

(^_^) LIFE
Ajieq..please complete the duty as Muslim as much as you can.
You know, you had done soo much mistake.
hmm...but, what can I say, you just a normal human that always make mistake.
So, do it as much as you can.

p/s = just to highlight here, that I'm not perfect enough to advise people. But I do as much as I can for myself and others, till then, whose knows, one day there are people can guide me and you all. Veeerryy hope soo..AMIN...

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