Wednesday, April 21, 2010

One Down..Five More To Go..!! was my first paper ( eco 415 ). I tried my best on this paper..Now, I kena concentrate tkat paper2 yang laen laks, which are LAW 416, MGT 417, ACC 418, OPM 530 and last but not least, MUET.

Hmm...but tonight..huhuh..I nak relax skit...I tgk citer A Moment To Be Remember..Wuahhh..!! =(. That movie was very touched babe..huh..nak namges pown ader..huhu..try on la for those yang tak tgk citer nie lagi..huhuh..

This movie is about a bittersweet of life. What make it sooo touched is..when the one that we love, one day she/he suffer alzhemir disease @ long-term memory loss, . Huh...start dari situ yang I x bleh bla dah...mmg terasa sehingga menusuk kalbu ku (walauweyhh..ayt..jiwang minyak cap kapak la seyh) gyler bab la..huhuh..Bayangkan la...all the sweet memories will be erase just like "pap"..huh..

So...per lagi..try on la people..tgk citer nie..huhuh..

Okies..thats all for today..
Tilll then, bubye..

(^_^) LIFE
I NAK MAKAN SATE..!!!! kaitan nyer ngan life lak kan..
argh..nak gak..!!!!

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