Sunday, April 25, 2010

slalu kena timggal tau..(>_<)

what I'm doing right now is study-ingg..
but...I tgh take a break right now..huish..ponat dowh..asek baca jerp..

again..this night..I was alone without rum8..
ke manakah ilang nyer rum8 ku ini......huuhuhu
ceyh..pict x bleh blah..
just nak tunjuk kat katil rum8 yg kosong jerp..
but..ter-over laks..huhuhuh..

p/s = sila abaikan ke-montel-lan I erk..semmgnya mmg temok pown I nie..=P

(^_^) LIFE
there is a quote says that "being connected to happy people improves a person's happiness."
So, be happy..hoyeah..

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