Tuesday, April 27, 2010

thish ish crazhy mann...

just now..I read some of application at facebook..
and someone just answer quest yg almost same like these..

1. do you think Ajieq is a good friend? ?
2. do you think Ajieq is cute..?

but I mmg x ble bla da quest camnier erk.

do you think Ajieq is a virgin ?
and someone answ that quest is "NO"

what the F***..!!! huish..
wa virgin lagi la seyh.........mu pikir wa per..?

but if tgk dari 1st three quest..
hmm..no wonder la..huish..
thish ish crazhy mannn...

da gak application camner..huish...
mcm2 la..adoooiiiyyyaaaaiiiii......

(^_^) LIFE
is continuing her study,..
in 1hr = 20mins study+ 40 mins online..

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