Thursday, May 20, 2010

Fairytales land for cat...

last couple mom show me some pict that she get from her officemate thru her e-mail.. and before this, I never mention that how much I love cat..yeah..almost getting obsessed with it.. and now I would like to share some of the pict that my mom get it..

this is about a person that sooo love with the cats, and then he adopt the homeless cats..yeah..what is that I called fairytales land for the cats is..just see the pict that I upload... they are..

p/s= if the person that same as me..that sooo love with the will know how I feel when I see this pict...GERAMMM kan...soo adorable and cute...and plus..they are soooo CHUBBY...!!! ( bile lah kucing aku nak camnie kan..)

(^_^) LIFE
facts that I heard about cat.. if a children that are being exposed with the day..when they grow up, they will be a responsible person...insya'allah...
and I bet it will be..because being with cats..almost all of your stress will gone..vanish..disappear..yeah...I mean it..because I have my own cat..hehehehe

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