Friday, May 14, 2010

kekatun yg violence..

nier katun hasil pengaruh alom..
dulu aku x tau ni katun..pastu baper thn lepas ntah...
then, mase dok maen ym tetibe...happy tree friends ( htf ) dier bagi.... first it was soooooo damn cute...pastu.....haish..mmg x la aku kasik lovely hulk aq tgk..
da la hulk tu mmg violence..hahahaha

and right now..
tetibe aku nak citer pasal htf lak..ntah naper..heheh..
maybe busan kowt...tdi aq da beres kemas2 rumah..tpi bwh jepla..
means, bilik2 kat atas tu lom wat lagi..
xper..kena simpan...I had 2 month dude for this sem break..chill yeah..
( itu semua adalah alasan semata-mata)

ok...lets begin our topic today with htf..atau lebih sinonim katun yg sesgt comey tpi violence..hahahaha ( ketawa setan )

we start with the character first..huish..banyak..but I took only five of it..heheh..sorry..

There's nothing softer than this cute rabbit's fur. and unfortunately there's always lots of it flying around in every Cuddles episode.

Shy and sweet, this little chipmunk's trademark is her bubbly personality and giggly attitude. You'll want to squeeze her to death!

There's no job too big for this amputee, beaver carpenter. He's always eager to lend a helping. limb and proves that you can do anything with the right attitude.

Always the odd-man-out, this dim-witted blue moose is all heart and all thumbs.

The only thing bigger than this freckle-faced beaver's tail his big 'ol buckteeth. He always ends up biting off more than he can chew.

haa...tu jerp time..I try to upload the video okies people...huhuh...

(^_^) LIFE

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