Monday, November 29, 2010

katun2 zaman kanak2..weeee

Haaaa..tuler citer aku..hehehe...Actually, banyak lagi. But, malam nie..tenet a.k.a internet begituuuu laju..grrr...tenet please la..fasta babeh fasta babeh...grrr...

Pe2 pown. Aku choose the best la.. So,, the best time tu adalah SAILORMOON....hehehe...Macam2 tol la kau nie..

( ^_^) LIFE
da malam kan..
so entry pown merapu..
ayat pown merapu..
soo...mata pown da merapu..

Sunday, November 28, 2010


best nyerrrr kalau kat belakang umah camnie...wuuaaahhhh...

ini dalam umah...dalam bank camner lak erk..
( angan2 mat jenin yg tinggi )

(^_^) LIFE
If aku da duet banyak...ishk2..
macam2 nak wat...weeee

Thursday, November 25, 2010


First at all, what actually meaning by child abuse...hmmm....I can tell you that most of the readers already know what it I right..?
Hmm...I had read some article show that child abuse was happened for every 10 seconds with the rate of dead is 5 children per day.. Uhh.. it kind very serious here..

What acts of child abuse I would never want to see to happen again :

1) Spastic children. What can I see is that there are still parents that cannot accept spastic children thus they take a simple and quick action. Like, they will keep them from being recognized by others. The type of child abuse here is neglecting them. I would never want to see this happen because they never asked to be like this. Just put ourself in their shoes. I had these feeling since last couple month I had a visit at Cheshire Home in JB and put it the stories in my blog. From there, I got many stories that I heard from them. Some of them are happy and for the rest....hmm...I think you all can get it..

2) HIV children. These also kind of child abuse can happen to them. WHY...??? hmm... CHILDREN..In our mind, if they get infected with HIV, is it their fault..??? But yet, still outside there that people never accept them and sometime being harsh to them. I don't want to talk about their parents because they already grown up and supposedly they know which one is right and vice versa. What kind of child abuse that happened to these HIV children..What can I see here homeless children hence being abused by treating them harshly and was not get attention from communities to help them. They should get full attention like food, education and most of it is love.

I think, only two of it I can give. If I give we know, these two problem never solved so how come we want to help more..So, we should get note about these first then we can realize how important to stop child abuse. We should know..oh not know but understand their need and situation then we can talked how to help them.

How cute he is..huhuh..Then, what kind of people that are really dare to abused them.

(^_^) LIFE
Yes, I had no experience on these. But once, I had see and heard their stories.
So, we as communities should aware on these situation.
They are too cute and deserve to be live happily as others children.


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

nothink turns good

hye people..

Lately, semua benda tak kena. hmm.. Ntahlah.. Tapi, hari nie memang betol2 aku rasa down gile. Da la aku rasa buhsan giler. Aku tak cakab dok uma buhsan, cume kat uma nie x da sape2 selain aku, mak and abah. Mak pepagi da pergi keje. Tinggal jep la aku and abah. Bile malam pulak, mak tido awal. ARRRGGHHH....!!!!! stress lerrr....

Pe yang buat aku stress sangat erk. Phone aku la. Last two days, aku beli la charger sebab selalu kalau balik aku pinjam alom nyer jep. Nie bile alom balik kg, kena la aku beli kan. Ok..aku da beli dengan RM 20 and what happen next is nak charge x ble lak. Kalau kate charger wat hal, x plak sebab aku check dulu before beli. Ok, aku assume phone nyer battery rosak. So, just now aku pergi la the same shop tuk repair phone aku nie. Uper2 nye, pin kat phone utk charge yang rosak. So, kena la charge RM25. Ok, phone aku da tak on for 2 days. Jadi, bile da repair nie ingatkan nak charge la. But then, perghhh...charger lak tak ble pakai. GRRRR.. Ok2..right now, me totally confused because either my phone or charger yang rosak... Bile aku pikir2 balik, aku cam kena beli charger baru. PERRRGHHH,, so kalu nak kira2 balik Beli charger RM 20 + repair phone RM 25 then + charger baru balik RM 20 = RM 65..
Hmmm... Habis camtu jep duet aku. Aku ingat kan nak save skit. Nak pergi tengok movie ngan member. But, bile jadi camnie....ape jep aku leh wat..

Aku harap sangat phone aku ble pakai malam ni. Dah jadi camnie..hmmm pe jep la..Aku da la totally mati kutu da nie. Hmmm...

(^_^) LIFE
Since malam nie pown aku tak ble on phone..
So..da 3 days phone aku tak on.

Monday, November 22, 2010

shuffle music and answer the question!

di tag oleh kyna a.k.a mak bedah senior...huhuuh...
p/s : why senior..because she type my name as mak bedah..but she much more advance than MAK BEDAH SENIOR.. =p

Ok2...lets begin this funny things. These are the instruction :

1. put your music library on shuffle.
2. for each question, you need to push next button to get the answer.
3. you need to put that song title as the answer to the question, no matter how silly it sounds! most of the time they seem to work though, strangely enough.
4. ok, go!

1. If someone says "Is this okay?" you say...
You are beautiful ( James Blunt )

2. How would you describe yourself?
Tanpa kekasih ( Agnes Monica )

3. What do you like in a guy/girl?
Ego ( Beyonce )

4. How do you feel today?
Yellow ( Coldplay )

5. What is your life's purpose?
Halfway Gone ( Lifehouse )

6. What is your motto?
Pergi ( AIzat )

7. What do your friends think about you?
With You ( Chris Brown )

8. What do you think of your parents?
Sempurna ( Andra & The Backbone )

9. What do you think about very often?
Kenangan Terindah ( Samsons )

10. What is 2 + 2?
Melawan Kesepian ( SIti Nurhaliza )

11. What do you think about your best friend(s)?
Halo ( Beyonce )

12. What do you think of the person you like?
Use somebody ( But Singing By Pixie Lott )

13. What is your life story?
Breath Easy ( Blue )

14. What do you want to be when you grow up?
Cinta Dalam Hati ( Ungu )

15. What do you think of when you see the person you like?
Superhuman ( Chris Brown Ft Keri Hilson )

16. What will you dance to at your wedding?
Tak Akan Ada CInta Yang Lain ( Titi Dj )

17. What will they play at your funeral?
Lagu Kita ( Aizat )

18. What is your biggest fear?
Kau Kekasihku ( Siti Nurhaliza )

19. What is your biggest secret?
Hanya Ingin Kau Tahu ( Republik )

20. What will you post this as?
I'll Never Break Your Heart ( Backstreet Boys )

So, aku tag this post for those that read this blog..Enjoy it people..Ngeeee

(^_^) LIFE
Questions no 1,2,3,8,9,12,13,14,15,16,17,18
The Ans from all of these quest are very relevant especially about my life..hmm..
Maybe it was coincidence..who knows..
The most quest that I like is quest no 8.
Yes, Mak..Abah..My life "SEMPURNA" as both of you always be there for me..

Sunday, November 21, 2010

ada apa dengan "H"


Whats up with the "H"..? hmm..Ntahlah..Tetibe jep aku teringat pasal kisah2 silam aku. From the beginning until now, most of the things that happened to me, it must be "H"..haish..I just thought about that when I was watched some movie. I know la that my name is "H"aziqah. But why it must be "H"..?? Maybe it is just coincidence or ....teetttt....ngeee...

Hehehehe...ok2..I'm too into about I right..?? But,.....nothing la..Maybe it just my feelings.. Who knows..right..? It just me and Allah.

So, thats all. I just want to share this "H" that make me remembered about the past. But I'am soo grateful in having these experience. With all of these things, it make me more matured even though most of my friends told me that "Ko nampak manja la..Tau naaa ko nie anak bongsu.."..huhuh...Maybe it is true because we never know ourself as others know who we are..

(^_^) LIFE
experience = spices of life


Assalamualaikum readers...

Hye there...hmmm...Why me still countdown...Like this. I'm waiting for my sis going back home.. Yes, she still had her exam paper. ANGAH uiiiii....... bile la hang nak balik nie..banyak plan da adek buat nie...!!!

Actually, aku buhsan. Buhsan bukan sebab duduk uma. Tapi, sebab xdok sape2 kat uma. There are only me, abah and emak in this lovely home. While Haqq ( anak buah aku )...hmm...balek uma nenek belah Pahang die. And it was for a week.. Lama tuu....So..any idea to make this BUHSAN into Oh Yeahhh...??

Okies, bile da BUHSAN it will be like this :
BUHSAN + No Mood = Malas nak taip..

So, till then. Bubye...

(^_^) LIFE
kali nie punye post..
x da motif lamsung..

Friday, November 19, 2010

tetibe nak bela hamster..

Naper tetibe aku nak bela hamster erk...Sebab, since aku letak gadget hamster kat blog nie, aq rasa seronok la. Tapi, tak tau la the real hamster kan. Tapi...aku still rasa cam comeellll jep..Geram..!!! Lagi2 bile aku nak bagi makan kat hamster tu..Maen2 ngan hamster tu..huhu...Macam real jep hamster tu..Nak bagi nama aper erk..?? huhuh...Tengok nie..

nie bile dier nampak makanan...trus pusingkan badan

comel tak muker dier..ngeeee

Nie..dier tengah maen kat roller ...

Haish aku nie. Citer cam ujud jep hamster tu. Haaa...tu pasal aku cam nak bela. Tapi...haish...banyak tol tapi2 dier. Tapi...aku da kucing kat umah...Agak2 SELAMAT tak hamster tu..ngeee...

(^_^) LIFE
berpikir waras sejenak..
macam takder can jep nak bela hamster..

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha


Hmm...aku sebagai warga Johor, raya Aidiladha nie..sambutan nyer kurang skit berbanding raya Aidilfitri. Tapi, kami still ada masak2 cuma x semeriah Aidilfitri. Hari nie jep, family aku da siapkan serba sedikit masakan untuk esok. Termasuklah buat kuih. Kuih aper erk..kek kukus jep.. Hmm..rumah x la semeriah mana pun, sebab angah tak dapat balik since dier da exam petang tadi while cek aren kerja lak..Haqq la periang and penyeri dalam rumah nie. Nie, aku bagi masa skit untuk karang blog since aku sedang tunggu kek kukus siap.

Pe2 pown. Dengan kesempatan ini, aku ingin mengucapkan Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha.

(^_^) LIFE
hmm..aku and along sesungguhnye kami rasa tidak complete
bile angah tak da bersama kami...
hmm..kami rindu angah la...

Monday, November 15, 2010

USAH RISAU JIKA DIRI BELUM B'PUNYA..mungkin Allah ingin bagi ketenangan dulu buat anda untuk terus melangkah menggapai cita.

Resah.Gelisah.Seraut wajah termenung jauh."Orang lain semua dah kahwin,tinggal aku sorang saja".Sekeping hati bermonolog.Monolog itu disusuli tujahan prasangka."Aku x cantik ke?" "Aku kurang bergaya ke?" "Ataupun pasal gaji aku tak seberapa?" "Aku tak pandai meng'ayat' agaknya".

Mungkin begitulah kerisauan yang memberat di minda muda mudi yang belum berpunya.Rasa rendah diru,stress dan gejolak rasa ingin memiliki membuatkan mereka berusaha memenangi hati dan memiliki seseorang tanpa mengenal batas halal dan haram.Yang penting,dapat.

Pilu hati ini melihat remaja yang merana kerana cinta.Pilu kerana walaupun mereka sudah merasai peritnya penangan cinta dusta,mereka masih tak mampu mengarah diri mencari cinta hakiki.Tidak serik-serik lagi.Diri diperhamba menagih cinta sementara hingga berkonflik dengan Pencipta cinta.Semua batasan-Nya diredah segala.Tak kenal dosa pahala.


Cinta sebelum kahwin itu hanya menjerumus ke lembah dosa dan zina.Jika mampu bertahan ke jinjang pelamin sekalipun,percayalah bahawa rumah tangga itu takkan berkat.Apa tidaknya,asasnya dibina daripada dosa dan maksiat.

Mana mungkin dapat menegakkan tiang taqwa yang utuh kecuali dinaik taraf dengan taubat.Rumah tangga akan menjadi tawar dan hambar.Semuanya dah dirasa dan terbiasa,nak rasa nikmatnya apa lagi?Anak-anak menjadi mangsa.Terimalah ia sebagai hukuman di dunia.Amat pedih.Namun,terlalu sedikit berbanding pedihnya hukuman abadi di negeri sana.

Kuhembus nasihat ini kepadamu hai remaja tanda sayangku tak terhingga.Bagi para gadis yang belum berpunya,andalah pilihan-pilihan Allah untuk masih mekar terpelihara sehingga tiba pula giliran anda mendapat seruan,yakinlah.

Jangan risau jika masih belum berpunya kerana mungkin Allah ingin bagi ketenangan dulu buat anda untuk terus melangkah menggapai cita-cita.Usah peningkan kepala.Dia menguji anda sedikit masa lagi.

Begitu juga buat pemuda yang belum berpunya," first thing first".Utamakan yang lebih penting daripada apa yang penting.Kenali prioriti anda sekarang.Jika memang dah sampai saat nak memiliki,tabahlah dan teruskan berusaha.Ingat,pastikan waktu nak berusaha tu anda memang dah betul-betul mampu dan bersedia.

Memiliki seorang isteri solehah ibarat memiliki dunia dan seisinya.Sudah tentu jalan untuk mendapatkan sesuatu yang istimewa amat berliku dan banyak cabaran.Jangan putus asa.Rasa mulialah dengan usaha yang dicurahkan walaupun pinangan pernah ditolak.Usah rasa malu dan terhina kerana Allah menilai setiap usaha selagi berjalan di landasan-Nya.Teruskan berusaha!

Ingat,usaha yang Allah redha sahaja.Bagaimana?Dengan sms siang malam?Atau bergayut di telefon memanjang?Atau ajak keluar,belanja makan?Begitukah?

Berusahalah menyediakan diri dan pikatlah ibu bapanya terlebih dahulu,itu tips memikat wanita solehah dan beriman.Seabik-baiknya gunakan orang perantaraan untuk lebih menjaga warak dan iman.

Seringkali,seseorang mencari kekasih ibarat dia mendaki gunung yang tinggi.Pepohon berduri sanggup diredah,curam dan jurang sabar ditempuh.Namun,apabila dia memilikinya,didapati insan yang dikejar itu dedaunan kering cuma.Begitulah perumpamaan sia-sianya usaha yang tak disalur dengan suluhan petunjuk al-Quran dan Sunnah.

Beringatlah,urusan jodoh tak ke mana.Sudah sedia tercatat seungkap nama di Loh Mahfuz untuk kita.Ianya urusan yang pasti.Apa yang tak pasti,sama ada kita mendapatkannya cara mulia atau sebaliknya.Wallahu'alam.

(^_^) LIFE

got this article from facebook..

bile baca article nie..hmmm...terbuka hati aku nie

lagi2 dengan apa yang telah aku lalui selama ini..

Ya Allah, kau perkuatkan lah hati hambamu nie.

Hanya pada-Mu aku berserah dan Hanya pada-Mu aku meminta pergampunan..


Saturday, November 13, 2010

JKKK. KAW. ( 1 )

Assalamualaikum...oollaaa people...

Whats up with my title..?? ha.....Wanna know more..?? If yeahh...then, you should finish up read this..Okies..huuuuu

Okies, my topic today is that family and me are had our family day out at our own kg which Kg. Api-api, Pontian, Johor. Macam2 kami buat. MOst of our activities are like playing badminton and soccers. Bola sepak tu...haa...bukan dewasa nye, tapi main dengan Haqq. Haqq selalu main dalam uma jep kan. Ni dapat padang besar cam kt uma Pak Long Misai, seronok la dier. Meh, aku share skit pict2 erk. Malas nak perah otak nak keluarkan ayat2 tuk karangan nier..ngeee..huhuh..

Okies, aku susun pict nie ala2 ikut chronology cerita erk...agagagaga...=P
p/s = malas nak pikir ayat katakann...ngeee

( huhhhhh..per yg JKKK sgt kan..nilah lorong kg aku )
( entrance)
( how soo classic it is...kan kan kan )
( Haqq is playing soccer with my cousin, Abg Ali )
( Kick it Haqq..!! )
( aarrgghh,, let me away..)
( why so many people wanna with me - Haqq )
( Haqq said - Tok Mah, nak duet..)

( Pak Long as watchman )
( Haqq is trying to show off his dance..agagaga )
( Haqq said - hmm my lombong too full with treasure lorrr )
( Along..enough is not cute at all...agagagaga )
( So,, this is it, end of family day out....)

Oh yeah, thats all for today. Actually there are many pict that I want to fill in this blog. But then, since the pixels of these pict are soo BIG, I have to resize it first. So, I short it out so that I can make it some like chronology. Okies....tu jep la..Me wanna cont to watch movie...

Till then.. ttttttt...doootttt...

(^_^) LIFE
I'm tooo into with Fifi Lapin
Found out online shopping for Fifi Lapin's bag
and what I found out is that the lowest price that can I get is
$66.00 and it was USD..okiess..
so change mood (>_<)