Sunday, November 21, 2010

ada apa dengan "H"


Whats up with the "H"..? hmm..Ntahlah..Tetibe jep aku teringat pasal kisah2 silam aku. From the beginning until now, most of the things that happened to me, it must be "H"..haish..I just thought about that when I was watched some movie. I know la that my name is "H"aziqah. But why it must be "H"..?? Maybe it is just coincidence or ....teetttt....ngeee...

Hehehehe...ok2..I'm too into about I right..?? But,.....nothing la..Maybe it just my feelings.. Who knows..right..? It just me and Allah.

So, thats all. I just want to share this "H" that make me remembered about the past. But I'am soo grateful in having these experience. With all of these things, it make me more matured even though most of my friends told me that "Ko nampak manja la..Tau naaa ko nie anak bongsu.."..huhuh...Maybe it is true because we never know ourself as others know who we are..

(^_^) LIFE
experience = spices of life

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