Saturday, November 13, 2010

JKKK. KAW. ( 1 )

Assalamualaikum...oollaaa people...

Whats up with my title..?? ha.....Wanna know more..?? If yeahh...then, you should finish up read this..Okies..huuuuu

Okies, my topic today is that family and me are had our family day out at our own kg which Kg. Api-api, Pontian, Johor. Macam2 kami buat. MOst of our activities are like playing badminton and soccers. Bola sepak tu...haa...bukan dewasa nye, tapi main dengan Haqq. Haqq selalu main dalam uma jep kan. Ni dapat padang besar cam kt uma Pak Long Misai, seronok la dier. Meh, aku share skit pict2 erk. Malas nak perah otak nak keluarkan ayat2 tuk karangan nier..ngeee..huhuh..

Okies, aku susun pict nie ala2 ikut chronology cerita erk...agagagaga...=P
p/s = malas nak pikir ayat katakann...ngeee

( huhhhhh..per yg JKKK sgt kan..nilah lorong kg aku )
( entrance)
( how soo classic it is...kan kan kan )
( Haqq is playing soccer with my cousin, Abg Ali )
( Kick it Haqq..!! )
( aarrgghh,, let me away..)
( why so many people wanna with me - Haqq )
( Haqq said - Tok Mah, nak duet..)

( Pak Long as watchman )
( Haqq is trying to show off his dance..agagaga )
( Haqq said - hmm my lombong too full with treasure lorrr )
( Along..enough is not cute at all...agagagaga )
( So,, this is it, end of family day out....)

Oh yeah, thats all for today. Actually there are many pict that I want to fill in this blog. But then, since the pixels of these pict are soo BIG, I have to resize it first. So, I short it out so that I can make it some like chronology. Okies....tu jep la..Me wanna cont to watch movie...

Till then.. ttttttt...doootttt...

(^_^) LIFE
I'm tooo into with Fifi Lapin
Found out online shopping for Fifi Lapin's bag
and what I found out is that the lowest price that can I get is
$66.00 and it was USD..okiess..
so change mood (>_<)

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