Thursday, November 25, 2010


First at all, what actually meaning by child abuse...hmmm....I can tell you that most of the readers already know what it I right..?
Hmm...I had read some article show that child abuse was happened for every 10 seconds with the rate of dead is 5 children per day.. Uhh.. it kind very serious here..

What acts of child abuse I would never want to see to happen again :

1) Spastic children. What can I see is that there are still parents that cannot accept spastic children thus they take a simple and quick action. Like, they will keep them from being recognized by others. The type of child abuse here is neglecting them. I would never want to see this happen because they never asked to be like this. Just put ourself in their shoes. I had these feeling since last couple month I had a visit at Cheshire Home in JB and put it the stories in my blog. From there, I got many stories that I heard from them. Some of them are happy and for the rest....hmm...I think you all can get it..

2) HIV children. These also kind of child abuse can happen to them. WHY...??? hmm... CHILDREN..In our mind, if they get infected with HIV, is it their fault..??? But yet, still outside there that people never accept them and sometime being harsh to them. I don't want to talk about their parents because they already grown up and supposedly they know which one is right and vice versa. What kind of child abuse that happened to these HIV children..What can I see here homeless children hence being abused by treating them harshly and was not get attention from communities to help them. They should get full attention like food, education and most of it is love.

I think, only two of it I can give. If I give we know, these two problem never solved so how come we want to help more..So, we should get note about these first then we can realize how important to stop child abuse. We should know..oh not know but understand their need and situation then we can talked how to help them.

How cute he is..huhuh..Then, what kind of people that are really dare to abused them.

(^_^) LIFE
Yes, I had no experience on these. But once, I had see and heard their stories.
So, we as communities should aware on these situation.
They are too cute and deserve to be live happily as others children.


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