Friday, December 31, 2010

End Of 2010


Hello people..Wished that all of you are in healthy...

Okies, today's post would be some pieces of me along 2010..Not soo much..but quite important in my life..

Firstly, it would be for early of 2010..hmmm...I got a chance to further my study in BBA ( Hons ) Finance. At this moment, it was tough decision to be made. It is because I am still in Diploma which I had to quit from Diploma and cont in Degree. I had to took this risk as I got many advised from people that got more experience than me. So, today I already going into Part 3 in BBA (Hons ) Finance. And I was sooo grateful because Alahamdulillah and Insya'allah I can cont this study till the end.

Secondly, hmm...what is about erk...




Ah haaa'....I got CULTURE SHOCK.. Yes yes and yes, I admit it and I was not ashamed about it. It was happened when I entered to UiTM Segamat, which I made decision to further my study in Degree at here... As your information, I never being far away from my family. Huishhhh....At that moment, I was sooo depressed to cope myself at there. Yerpla, my previous campus was small and there were only about 3 or 4 hundreds students. But, UiTM Segamat..emmm... The moment that I will never forget about it when I was in examination week. At that time, only ALLAH know what I felt about. And the only person that always support me from the beginning is my harta karum aka F A M I LY...

About family...hmmm...nothing change.. Still happy. But I would like to say its become happier for every each day that we go through. And...thinking that BILE ALOM NAK TAMBAH FAMILY LAGI..!!

After I go through for 2 semester as Degree students, now I can cope myself at there. I already known how to study, how to make and manage friends and the most important things I know how to manage myself from IKUT KATA ORANG JEP into INDEPENDENT person. That a lot meaning for me to be independent person. From that word we can describe that ho far we can go without depending other person. Oh, I want to correct certain things here. Maybe not fully independent. But right now, I know part of me is already matured.

Okies..I ends my Pot Pet Pot Pet right now to close up my post for end of 2010..

(^_^) LIFE
Thats all the journey of my life along 2010
Maybe there were things that I left it behind since I don't think it should be written..
I don't want to make others feeling hurt even tough maybe this article is not about them..

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