Tuesday, March 15, 2011



Hye people. Just don't want to say much. But lately, there are things that make me very2 upset. To many emotion happened on me. There is no words that can describe how I am feeling right now. I am try to be more matured in handling this matter. Is trying to open new book from the beginning but seem like it become harder. Anyway, I accepted anything happened to me since I was made a lot of mistake. By knowing that,yeah... I know I am wrong here and having the punishment. Yes, I am the wrong person and I admit it as I want to make this situation become better and better. But, there is quote says that "a mistake that had be done it doesn't mean that it is wrong." Hmm... Again "but" people wouldn't see this matter. Ohh... maybe I was wrong and maybe also it just my imagination...Who knows.. Whatever it is, I just want to say thanks you soo much to those that appreciate and accepted me as one of your friends and also like a billion or trillion of sorry sorry and sorry. Please correct and tell me if I had made a mistake or hurt your feeling. Here, I do not know either should I tell the truth if I feel unsatisfied or not. But what I am doing right now, I try to confess it in mannerly so that there is no misunderstanding happened.

Till then, I know, we live in this world that full of people's behavior. And I have to adapt it.. same goes to others. Not all the things and thinks that we do is absolutely right. So, what I want to conclude here is that I will try my best to become better person but I need support from others. I am being myself but in term of people can get easy on me no matter if it make me so hurt.

(^_^) LIFE
I am doing this entry is just because I want to cast away this emptiness and soreness.
Don't get wrong on this entry ok..

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