Friday, April 1, 2011

Believe it boys or girls...


Yes reader..Im here for posting my entry. ( what else you do in this blog..?? ) hehehe... Lately, Im quite busy here don't know what make me sooo busy but im busy. ( In 1 words there are 3 words of busy.. =P )

Todays entry is just a small matter but I think it is important for us to know about it especially a SINGLE person. Before that I want to stress out here that I didn't say Couple is bad. There is a good things being a couple person such as he or she will be our good listener.

Hmm..haa...Now lets me begin a small point to be share to a single person who doesn't have any special person in their heart other than Allah and family. Why there is still no other person to be your partner...?? Why..why and why...

Listen dear,
It doesn't mean that there are no people that love on you. You must remember that Allah always love his people. There is connection on Allah love on you and yet you still doesn't have a partner in your life and what it is..?
It is because of Allah affection on you and Allah still didn't give you any partner in your life. Allah don't want you too hurt when you way too in love with someone and being hurt by them. Instead of that, believe it people in "JODOH TAK KE MANA". The God made man in pairs.
So, don't be so sad seeing others that so happy with their partner . Im saying this also for myself. Sometimes I felt that causes of Im still single is that Im soo ugly.

Yeah..Thats all people from me. Again, I want to stress out here, this entry is does not have any mean to Couple person.

Till then.. W'salam

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I had read an article about this entry
But I didn't remember the URL.
So, I just can say
Credit to the writer of this article that make me sooo realize about it.

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