Sunday, November 20, 2011



Hyee semua semua... Wow..lama nyeee tak update ini belog. Rasanye bersawang mawang jadi nye nie ha.. Haa..actually, im kinna busy since my las sem break until now. Masa sem break, aku kerja until 2 weeks before naik semula campus. Then, bila da start semula campus busy semula. Yeah, right now im in part 4. Where, almost all of the subject in part 4 are killer paper. I mean the killessst one..grrr.. But the most important things is that, i need to focus muchos muchos more for this sem. Yepla, I need to get excellent result so that it can be use in my practical later on.

Huaah...what more......hmmm...Banyak kot, tapi tak tercapai akal nak tulis per lagi ntah kat blog nie. Nak share some pict but malas nak edit.. Camner tuh..

Anyway, know what. Right now, I was sooooo grateful and blissful on everything that happen on me. Thanks to ALLAH because gave me the truth path to overcome all the sumption that YOU gave on me. ALHAMDULILLAH....

(^_^) LIFE
this week, boleh senang lenang
for this incoming week and so on..
jangan harap la nak duduk jepp..