Thursday, December 29, 2011

People out there..!! This is it...


Countdown to 2012..
And challenging myself to give a chance for those out there..
To say anything about myself along 2011 by giving your comment in this post...
YES.. ANYTHING...since there is no need a real name to be put on..right...

And yes I could be hurting or give me a big smile..
because not everyone are pleased on who we,
I try my best to make others happy even it's hurting me..
I try my best to be the best for all of you..
But, I'm not Angel..I'm just a HUMAN that always made mistake..
Which I'm soooo straight person where I don't know what mistake that I had done.

So..this is it..
I hope, with this act, some of your comment can help me to be a better person...
Before I end my post..I would like to say..

I'm so sorry on whatever I had done.
Sorry is not good enough. I know that.
But at least I try to make things better..

(^_^) LIFE
the truth is better than liar
and it also hard to swallow..